Vitaliano Gallo, known by his stage name Big Tali, is an Italian record producer currently signed to Mi2Mi Music Group.


Big Tali in studio in his hometown, Catanzaro.
Big Tali in studio in his hometown, Catanzaro.

Vitaliano Gallo, better known across the world as “Big Tali”, was born in the capital city of Italy’s Calabria region. He quickly developed a deep infatuation with all-things music, most notably a passion for the culture of hip-hop. Sooner than later Big Tali immersed himself in the world of music production, spending countless hours studying his craft, working for days on end until he achieved a mastery of the styles used by his favorite producer and major influence, DJ Premier. In the coming years he would begin to fully-realize his devotion to music and his burning desire to achieve in the world of music only grew from there. As a multi-lingual artist with degrees in multi-level-marketing and music business, language nor geography have ever been observed as a barrier for him. Today, Big Tali sets forth on initiatives to expand local hip-hop music scenes around the world, expanding his global reach while amassing a long list of credits that includes artists from all genres and backgrounds.


Big Tali’s productions are marked by unique sonic signatures and cinematic character, often featuring plentiful arrangements of orchestral instrumentation derived from a full-spectrum arsenal of expertise in strings, keys and pads. From the Roland TR-808 to classic violin. Starting from the background of an avid music enthusiast and multi-instrumentalist, Big Tali has amassed an extensive catalog of credits to become one of the most diverse music production talents available on the open market, working internationally with a plethora of music making acts on reaching their goals, which can range from sparking inner-city hip-hop movements to launching international club hits, such as “I Want It” by Grammy nominated, multi-Platinum R&B singer Lloyd. His hands-on work and advanced knowledge of contemporary musical genres has helped him contribute an unparalleled level of vision to an ever-expanding list of successful projects, from TV and film placements to collaborations with music industry veterans and up-and-coming talents alike.